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W4/VP9KF radio


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keytops Home of the (Amateur Radio) RF Safety Calculator

Your e-mail doesn't get through? If you use, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. the number 1 reason is: 

TO_ADDRESS_EQ_REAL (To: repeats address as real name) 

In other words, make sure you give the recipient a real name and don't send to "fred@xyz.com" <fred@xyz.com>, instead send to "Fred Bloggs" <fred@xyz.com>. Send an e-mail to yourself and check it.

Number 2 reason: Sender uses a third-party service to mail-blast people, such as Constant Contact, SendGrid or Webex.


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The elements of ability











If you use, or change to, Verizon, you will need to move your SMTP port setting from 25 to 587

Confused by Internet Slang? Try looking it up here.

 Pathloss Calculator    Power Density Calculator  Simple Radio Horizon Calculator  (Pathloss Program)   Management   

All you need to know about:

Scientific Units  Standard Date/Time format (ISO-8601:2004) [xkcdStandard Paper Sizes (ISO 216)

Standard Typographic units (font sizes)  Top Level Domains  Country Designations (ISO-3166)

IANA Port Numbers Copyright Law  Standard Lat/Long/Elevation format (ISO 6709)  Currency Abbreviations (ISO 4217)  [also

Where drug names come from  

An Aeris devNet member

A member of the Ericsson Developer Zone    A member of the Sony - Ericsson Developer World   A member of the Cingular developer Forum

A member of the RIM Blackberry DevelopmentDeveloper Program  A member of the Sprint - Nextel  Developer Program   A member of the  Skype Developer Zone


Images used above are the property of the respective owners


Microwave comparator Design using HP-HFSS and HP-MDS    Original designer of GB3SI and GB3WK repeaters (inc. microprocessor logic c.1981)

US Patents held by Paul Evans:

Read Patent No. 6,393,346   GPS location logging device
Read Patent No. 6,115,655   GPS location logging & real-time reporting device

Trip Advisor status - Paul E

(c) Tripadvisor TripAdvisor status - Level  Contributor - 81,087+ readers
reviews Top Contributor
votes helpful reviewer
24 cities passport
9 reviews explorer (one of the first)
24 attraction reviews attractions
64 restaurant reviews restaurants
17 hotel reviews hotels
0   travellers' choice

<- I'm now worth $37,500 !!! Thanks, EPA.

Our 2011 Audi A3 TDI service history   Bollocks to the criminals at VW/Audi/Porsche!!!

The best cars in the world:

Porsche Cayman (3 door, 2 seat, coupé, video) Acknowleged as the "Best Car in the World" - Hmmmm, we tested one and it is NOT practical at all!

Audi A3 TDI (5 door, 5 seat, Diesel video I II). VERY HAPPY with this vehicle. Only possible replacements would be Audi Q3 Quattro TDI or A3 (2013+) NEVER BUYING VW/Audi/Porsche again!!!

Audi TT (3 door, 4 seat, coupé, video). Much the same as our comments on the Cayman (and it's only $3k less)! ........ and The Worst Car in the World

Audi's Q6 e-tron is going to kill the Tesla Model X......

Fortune of the Hour (UNIX)

Peanut Blossoms 4 cups sugar 16 tbsp. milk 4 cups brown sugar 4 tsp. vanilla 4 cups shortening 14 cups flour 8 eggs 4 tsp. soda 4 cups peanut butter 4 tsp. salt Shape dough into balls. Roll in sugar and bake on ungreased cookie sheet at 375 F. for 10-12 minutes. Immediately top each cookie with a Hershey's kiss or star pressing down firmly to crack cookie. Makes a hell of a lot.  


Automatically generated by the server every hour [content not controlled by Hintlink] 

Do it Right: Anybody who can possibly claim to like baseball has never been to a baseball match. It is extremely dangerous, especially if you sit in a _special_ area. You WILL get hit by a very hard ball and you won't enjoy the very expensive evening

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