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Change is the most powerful force in industry. Hintlink has the experience and expertise to help you manage, direct and exploit the changes that affect your business.

You can draw upon a rich pool of resources to help you achieve sustainable competitive advantage in rapidly evolving markets. Hintlink offers an independent, end-to-end service, from the research and analysis needed to discover and define the key issues, right through to the development and delivery of the solution.

By building a strategic partnership with Hintlink you will have an unrivalled body of knowledge and expertise to work with. Above all, you have an asset that delivers tangible returns to your business.

Hintlink's repertoire of services has evolved from a core expertise in electronics & bio-chemistry. Today, we are one of the leading IT, regulatory & pharmaceutical consultancies.

We have proven expertise in many areas. Whether you are considering entry into a new market, require regulation help, developing a new product or service, or investing in new technology, you can look to us for objective, experienced support and direction.

Whenever and wherever you implement a change, it is essential to consider the implications for the whole business. Hintlink’s breadth of experience is your assurance that we never lose sight of the strategic issues.

We will ensure that the solution, in whatever form it takes, integrates seamlessly with the rest of the organisation. Orchestrating excellence means bringing out the best in every part of your business.

It is said that defining a problem is 80% of the solution. Research and analysis therefore represent a major part of almost every Hintlink assignment.

The process is given added impetus by the fact that we already have a continually updated body of knowledge to draw from. As a leading research team, we have close relationships with suppliers, operators and other critical figures in various industries.

As a result, our experienced researchers and analysts are always up to speed with the issues of the macro-environment. They can focus immediately on the key issues specific to your project, which means faster results and lower costs.

From new technologies to new markets, Hintlink can provide the information and analysis you need to make swift, informed decisions. The quality and timeliness of the data means that you can respond more effectively to change and opportunities, seizing the initiative over your competitors.

Above all, Hintlink is independent. Your consultancy project will be undertaken with a truly objective, experienced and knowledgeable eye, and with the delivery of tangible results as the first priority.

It is a pre-requisite for all Hintlink consultants that they should have first-hand experience of the commercial realities of the industry. We do not use your budgets to give our people experience; they come to you with the experience in place, ready to pass it on.

It is always misleading to attempt to define the scope of a consultancy service. No two projects, even for the same client, are alike. Whatever your challenge, Hintlink can provide the objective direction and inspiration you need to succeed.

The breadth of Hintlink's experience is shown by some of the projects we have completed:

This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive. The only factor common to all Hintlink consultancy programmes is change. However change affects your business, we have the vision, insight and understanding to help you exploit the opportunities to the full.

You can have no greater assurance of Hintlink's independence and credibility than the fact that a presence on our list of possible solution providers is crucial for the vendors themselves.

It is because they know that in evaluating, specifying and integrating specific applications through to complete solutions, we are rigorous in ensuring that our clients' needs are our only concern.

Competitive demands are creating enormous pressure to deliver new services and upgrade legacy systems. Hintlink brings a deep knowledge of hardware, software, technical architecture and industry-specific issues to every project. Our experience and technical excellence mean that you can introduce new technologies swiftly and seamlessly.

Above all, you can leave the whole process to us. Project Management is a key strength of the Hintlink service, enabling you to focus on your priorities while we deliver on time and to budget.

The Hintlink team has been researching, analysing and working within industry for years. We have the time, the resources and the expertise to provide you with management information you need to make the right decisions, at the right time. Through our research, consulting and integration services, we can also deliver the solutions.

Hintlink is proud of its independence and we protect it jealously. It is perhaps the most valuable asset we can deliver, because our clients know that we put their interests above all others. At the same time, solution vendors see it as a powerful endorsement of their products if we recommend them. Over the next five years, the rate of change in industry will be even greater than it has been in the last ten. Hintlink has a long and distinguished track record in helping businesses large and small to capitalise on the opportunities of change.

We are dependable and experienced partners. Contact Us now to add our experience and knowledge to the value that your business delivers.

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