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The Comment
Keep away from Chime, Marcus, Greenlight, SoFi, Robinhood and other 'neo-bank' type creations!
Same goes for CreditSesame, CreditKarma, Fingerhut, Varo and Self.
Wells Fargo for being caught account stuffing (current ['checking'], savings and mortgage) and more.

Crypto Currencies - utter madness! (see worldcoinindex.com)
The presence here of this data by no means recommends that you risk your money in an unregulated market!
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Bitcoin Bitcoin https://bitcoin.org/en/
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Housing Indices: SPSC 10 and 20 markets. Income: USA | Resolution Foundation

Hintlink - Closures
'General business' closures (number of shops)
Subway [US] (350)  in 2016
(including Carson’s and Bergner’s).
Toys R Us (all - 735).
Kmart (303), Sears (123) in 2017 and more have followed.
J.C. Penney (138) in 2017. Macy’s (110) in process. Sam’s Club (63) in 2018 and Bon-Ton (42) earlier in 2018.
Best Buy small wireless stores (250).
Southeastern Grocers: Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo, Harveys, Fresco (94).
J. Crew (20)
Abercrombie & Fitch (60)
Foot Locker (110)
J.C. Penney (8) in 2018
Gap and Banana Republic (200)
Teavana (379)
Ascena Retail Group: Ann Taylor, Loft, Dress Barn, Lane Bryant, Justice and several others (268)
Michael Kors (100)
Subway closing 'restaurants' (500) in 2018
Deutsche Bank (USA) (1030 lay-offs) in 2018
Kmart (15), Sears (48) 63 more in 2018
Blockbuster Video (1700), all except for one in 2018
Brookstone (100), all Mall stores in 2018
Lowe's Orchard Supply Hardware (99), all in 2018
Kmart (12), Sears (33) 45 more in 2018
Kmart (5), Sears (6) 11 more in 2018
Mattress Firm (~700) in 2018
Kmart (63), Sears (79) 142 more in 2018 - Ch11 bankruptcy announced
Kmart (37), Sears (43) 80 more in 2019
(749)Shopko (251) and Charlotte Russe (94) in 2019
Payless ShoeSource (2100) in 2019
Southeastern Grocers: Winn Dixie (7) and Bi-Lo (13) closing in 2019
Gap (230) closing 2019/2020
Victoria's Secret (53) and JCPenney (>20) FootLocker (165) closing during 2019
Tesla (378) closing immediately (2019) - now ~170 + price increase! The Musk flouts any conventional wisdom.
Family Dollar (390) closing in 2019
LifeWay Christian Resources [bookshops] (170) closing in 2019

The Childrens Place (300) Fred's (159) closing in 2019
Party City (45) closing during 2019
Fred's (104) more closing in 2019
Dressbarn (all 650) closing in 2019
Pier 1 Imports (57) closing in 2019
Walgreens (200) closing in 2019
Bed Bath & Beyond (40 [increased to 60]) closing in 2019
Kmart (5), Sears (21) 26 more in 2019
Kmart (45), Sears (51) 96 more in 2019/January 2020
Pier 1 Imports (540 [all]) closing in 2020
J.C. Penney (240) in 2020
Tuesday Morning (230) in 2020
Brooks Brothers bankrupcy
 Ann Taylor & Loft (Ascena) bankrupcy
Bed Bath & Beyond (200) closing during 2020-2022
Sur la Table (50) closing in 2020 + bankrupt
Men's Wearhouse & Jos. A. Banks (Tailored Brands) bankrupcy

Stein Mart
(281 [all]) bankrupcy
Lord & Taylor (38 [all]) bankrupt
H&M (250) in 2020
Frys Electronics (31 [all]) in 2021

Employment numbers (PDF), month-by-month

Think upon this:
The banks in Europe hold THREE times the amount of money that US banks do.
One third of European bank money is in the City of London.
What happens in ONE SQUARE MILE in London is as important as the entire banking system in the USA.
Well, it was, until Thursday, 23rd June, 2016........
My guess? GBPUSD 1.21 [
recent low: 1.1353 / 2022-09-16], GBPEUR 1.13 [recent low: 1.0712 / 2019-08-12]
Crash-out, no deal levels? Probably: GBPUSD 1.08, GBPEUR 1.01. Possibly: GBPUSD 1.01, GBPEUR 0.95.
Brexit reversal? GBPUSD 1.35, GBPEUR 1.21 (short term)

>$21.9T in US Government debt plus:
>$1.057T in US personal credit card debt (delinquencies =7.5%)
>$1.7T in US
personal car loan debt (7m behind on payments)
>$15.4T in US personal mortgage loan debt
>$1.58T in US personal student loan debt (40m 'students' - they are mostly no longer students and owe an average of $39,000)!!
>$70.7T in
Total US Debt
US Debt clock World Debt clock 

Current Largest Market Capitalisations  Forbes Billionaires Index Bloomberg Billionaires Index   

The real market actors:
The Auditors:
Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse Coopers, KPMG
The Rating Agencies: 
Standard & Poor's, Moody's Investor Service, Fitch Ratings

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