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Oil (5 minute refresh rate) Last Page Reload:2021-08-03 08:20:59Z
 Intra-day change source and time period
Bloomberg: Brent West Texas Intermediate
'Gasoline' Taxes:
NC State: 35.4 cents per (US) gallon
Federal: 18.4 cents per (US) gallon

  Upstream Strategic Petroleum Reserve level  
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WTRG  EIA Reserves  Short Term outlook  Petroleum Companies  Jet Fuel

Price for 91 Octane Petrol/Gasoline
Prices around the world (mytravelcost)

Prices around the world

Prices around the world (gasoline-germany)

[1 US gallon = 3.785 l]
[1 Imperial gallon = 4.546 l]
[1 l = 0.264 US gallon]
[1 l = 0.219 Imperial gallon]
[1 US gallon = 0.8 Imperial gallon]
[1 Imperial gallon = 1.25 US gallon]
[1 US fl.oz. = 1 Imperial fl.oz.]
[1 US 'cup' = 8 fl.oz.]
[1 US pint = 16 fl.oz.]
[1 Imperial pint = 20 fl.oz.]
[1 US quart = 32 fl.oz.]
[1 Imperial quart = 40 fl.oz.]

[1 US gallon = 128 fl.oz.]
[1 Imperial gallon = 160 fl.oz.]

Octane rating (petrol / 'gasoline')
Cetane number (diesel)

Price for low sulphur Diesel
Mapquest Asheville Tampa  Savannah
Gaspricewatch  (AVL/Premium) MAP
Asheville Tampa  Savannah
NC/National Prices  AAA prices
UK Petrol/DERV Prices
Fuel Economy

They also mean Diesel prices   They also mean Diesel prices
A B C D Map             A B C D
Prices: $ / gal (US)
Closest Station: Graph Page

gasoline-germany.com  gasoline-germany.com
Prices: € / l
Exchange Rates and other Commodities Last Page Reload:2021-08-03 08:20:59Z

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