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Hintlink - Weather
Weather Lightning
Note: Wx basis, new location in Swannanoa, NC
Weather and storm tracking with Google Earth WunderMap COOLWX   
WeatherMole  WindAlert SurfaceStations UK Wx Wind Strengths Aviation Weather   
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Warnings Interactive Map Interactive Map Interactive Map Interactive Map Interactive Map Windyty Tornados
{Power outages:
Duke Notify National: Power outage USA Resource Stats Nova Scotia} | Blue Ridge Parkway Real time status | Foothills Parkway 

Please check time and date on all images when viewing them Not to be used for the protection of life or property


This page is under constant construction and link repair. Known broken links are marked by crossred until repaired.
Dense Fog Advisory = Fog Heat Advisory = Heat Advisory
Fire Weather Advisory = Fire Advisory Winter Weather Statement = Winter Statement Severe Thunderstorm Watch = TStorm Watch
Tornado Watch = Tornado Watch
Tornado detected = Tornado Precurser to Tornado = Mesocyclone Severe Thunderstorm Warning (Hail) = TStorm Warning
Lightning = Lightning Flood Watch = Flood Watch Flood Warning = Flood Warning
High Wind Advisory > 32kts = Wind Tornado Warning = Tornado Warning Hurricane Watch (72 hrs) = Hurricane Watch Hurricane Warning = Hurricane Warning Tropical Storm Watch = TS Watch Tropical Storm Warning = TS Warning
Hurricane Local Statement = Hurricane Local Statement   GSP & MRX Radar Shadows 
Radar status ([K]GSP) Special Weather Statement = Special Weather Statement
WNC Doppler Radar 
Click on graphic to animate
USA IR SatelliteClick to expand
12 Hour Loop Enhanced 12 Hour Loop 
 Current temperatures
12 hour forecast temperature loop  7 day forecast temperature loop
Another current temperature map NCAR Multi parameter

Watches, Warnings & Advisories
Click to view http://www.nws.noaa.gov/largemap.php

 Atlantic Satellite
Click on graphic to expand
10 Hour Loop (manual refresh)
Enhanced 12 Hour Loop (refreshes every 30 minutes)

Abbreviations used on this page
GoM – Gulf of Mexico, Atl – Atlantic, SST – Sea Surface Temperature, AVN – Aviation model, BoC – Bay of Campeche, Wx – standard abbrev. for weather, SFSU – San Francisco State University, TPC – Tropical Prediction Center, FSU – Florida State University, MRF – Medium Range Forecast [model], ECMWF – European Centre for Medium range Weather Forecasting, NWS – National Weather Service (US), IR – Infrared, NHC – National Hurricane Center (US), UKMET – United Kingdom Meteorological Office, TAM – Texas A and M University, NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US), CMC – Canadian Meteorological Centre, USGS – US Geological Service, CAM - camera, NOS – National Ocean Service (US), UCAR – University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, NCAR – National Center for Atmospheric Research, ETA – ETA mathematical grid system, CO-OPS – Center for Operational Oceanographic Products, METAR – Routine aviation weather observation (French), DMS - Dunedin Marine Systems

Sources of data: Thank the following folks for the sources of data in this web page!
SFSU, FSU, TPC, ECMWF, NWS, NHC, UKMET, TAM, NOAA, CMC, USGS, NOS, UCAR, NCAR, CO-OPS, Wunderground, Dallas Semiconductor, University of Cambridge, St. Petersburg Times, Accuweather, The Weather Channel, Intellicast, WNI, John Hopkins University, US Navy, Meteosat, Unisys, Oceanweather.com, Wx.com, NeuVision, Institute of Global Environment & Society, University of Wisconsin, University of Hawaii, British Antarctic Survey, Pinellas County Government, State of Florida and any others I may have overlooked.
And the taxpayers of the USA, Canada, EU, Germany and UK (thank them especially for the hundreds of millions of dollars and millions of man hours spent in creating the modeling capability of the Pinhoe, Exeter, Devon weather centre and providing the only world-wide accurate model).

This page is a labor of love and is 26 years in the making!

It has survived use on: Dunedin Marine Systems, Science Technology Consultants and Hintlink
It is also licensed to other sites.

Hintlink - Weather sidebar
Wx station I Wx station II Wx station III
Wx station IV Wx station V     
Asheville's climate 
USA CONUS Summary 
USA CONUS Summary, Interactive 
USA Radar 
Monthly Temperature Anomaly
USA Satellite  MODIS
Heat index  Forecast today 
Air Quality  OzoneParticulates  
GOES USA IR Image Enhanced
GOES USA Visible Image
GOES USA Water Vapour Image
Interactive USA view
GFS model(48hr) Detailed 48hr
UCAR model
SFSU/AVN animated  Latest Atl
USA - drought.gov
US Drought Monitor
USGS Drought Watch
Drought data (U.S. national)
Current  NWS Current  UKMET
CONUS 3 day
Full Atlantic  (Try here)
Full Atlantic - Tropical (NHC)
Atlantic - Eastern (UKMET)
Interactive Hurricane view
Tropical Update (Unisys)
GOES Atlantic IR Image 
GOES Atlantic Visible Image
GOES Water Vapour Image
GOES Full Disk IR Image 
GOES Full Disk Visible Image
Tropical Wave tracking
METEOSAT Eastern Atlantic IR hurricane spawning grounds
Java animated D4
Full Atlantic
Full Atlantic Animated (large)
UKMET Cyclone phase evolution
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting [ECMWF]. Then click on North America. Animated.
CMC GGEM model
Tropical Prediction Center Faxes
0000 0600 1200 1800
NOAA Climate Change  BAMS
EPA Greenhouse Tree Rings 
Berkeley Earth  Water Stress
The Ozone Hole Tour
Ozone Real-time data
Aerosol Real-Time data
Daily UV Exposure
West Nile Virus Maps
EPA RadNet
Global Health Atlas
WMO  Climate Central  CO2 CO2

The breadbasket of the world is dead
Aviso Altimeters  NSIDC
Fire Maps CA  CONUS Google Earth
Japanese (Nuclear) Disaster
Fukushima I
Fukushima II
Aftershocks Winds Real-time JMA NISA  NNSA  
MIT/NSE Real-time Radiation 
Sensor Network

uRADMonitor network

radmon network

radiation network

Natl Emergency Tracking Center
Icelandic Volcanoes IceMet (live)
News 1-Day 
OCO [JPL] Feb. 2009 launch
 GOSAT [JAXA] Jan. 2009 launch
Earth Explorers [ESA] 2009 launch +  ADM-Aeolus
Calipso [NASA/CNES]
USGS  KMZ feed   Iceland (.is) Iceland Hawaii Guatemala New Zealand 
Eathquakes Today  Eq Report

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