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Automated Server Functions    As of: 2021-08-03 06:55:37Z
Action Type Function Time Units
Update e-mail
spammers database 59,14,29,44 minute past hour
Update e-mail virtmaps (mapping addresses to users) 0,15,30,45 minute past hour
Update e-mail aliases (mapping multiple users) 1,16,31,46 minute past hour
Delete log messages 00:00z time of day
Update status mailq, ps -ax, top, mqueue
every minute
Update CAM Piggyville web CAM
every minute
Update web hits logs (Analog) 0 minute past hour
Update data weather 1,2,3 (modulo) minute past hour
Delete e-mail junk account 02:01z time of day
Update data WWV SFI, Kp, A, SSN, Electrons, Protons, Neutons for SolMon (VP9KF) solar monitor code 0,15,30,45 minute past hour
Update data n3kl.org; Kp status image and xray status image (reduces load on his server from my pages) 1,16,31,46 minute past hour
Update CAMs Desktop CAMs: Sennen Cove [n=0,1,2], N7DR [n=3,4,5], Look Rock [n=6], Black Mtn. [n=7],
Purchase Knob [n=8], Corse (North [n=9],East [n=10],South [n=11]), PARI [n=12], Bermuda [n=13], Piggyville [n=14]
0+n,15+n,30+n,45+n minute past hour
System Uptime: * 23:01:02 up 264 days, 18:37, 0 users, load average: 10.62, 10.24, 10.42 *
Time (UTC) when sampled, Uptime days, HH:MM, login users, CPU load averages (%) last 1, 5 & 15 mins

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