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 W4/VP9KF radio


Automated Server Functions    As of: 2017-04-26 09:55:34Z
Action Type Function Time Units
Update email
spammers database 59,14,29,44 minute past hour
Update email virtmaps (mapping addresses to users) 0,15,30,45 minute past hour
Update email aliases (mapping multiple users) 1,16,31,46 minute past hour
Delete log messages 00:00z time of day
Update status mailq, ps -ax, top, mqueue
every minute
Update CAM Piggyville web CAM
every minute
Update web hits logs (Analog) 0 minute past hour
Update data weather 1,2,3 (modulo) minute past hour
Delete email junk account 02:01z time of day
Update data WWV SFI, Kp, A, SSN, Electrons, Protons, Neutons for SolMon (VP9KF) solar monitor code 0,15,30,45 minute past hour
Update data n3kl.org; Kp status image and xray status image (reduces load on his server from my pages) 1,16,31,46 minute past hour
Update CAMs Desktop CAMs: Sennen Cove [n=0,1,2], N7DR [n=3,4,5], Look Rock [n=6], Black Mtn. [n=7],
Purchase Knob [n=8], Corse (North [n=9],East [n=10],South [n=11]), PARI [n=12], Bermuda [n=13], Piggyville [n=14]
0+n,15+n,30+n,45+n minute past hour
System Uptime: * 02:01:01 up 39 days, 21:11, 2 users, load average: 19.69, 23.14, 24.42 *
Time (UTC) when sampled, Uptime days, HH:MM, login users, CPU load averages (%) last 1, 5 & 15 mins

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