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Data Centre

Ever wonder where your web pages are served up from? Here are some pictures of the facility

 Big standby power supplies (48VDC)


Very large genset as backup

Racks of dedicated servers

Upgrade, current series servers

Optical fibre meets Ethernet

UPS panel

Basement full of gensets

Large volume coolers

All servers with RAID 1TB SSDs

Reliability, reliability, reliability…… a lot of money has been spent on infrastructure (multiply redundant power supplies, multiply redundant fibre links, gensets, etc.) as well as running the most reliable operating system for web serving – Linux, with Apache web server software and other industry leading reliable products.

Our uptime is one of the highest in the world (proven - most recent uptime 978 days).

Our data center is in Los Angeles and is connected through One Wilshire, also known as the "most connected building" in the world according to many sources. We are also connected to four tier-1 ISPs via BGP. We also have a BGP route optimizer to ensure only the fastest routes are used for your data. Other features include:

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