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Setting up PopTray/PopTrayU and Thunderbird for your e-mail account

DON'T EVER leave your e-mail client running all the time, you WILL get infected with malware

Read these instructions very carefully. We will generally refer to PopTray or PopTrayU as PopTray(U).

Download PopTray v3.2 (for Wine/Linux) [PopTrayU does not run well in Wine]
or read about PopTrayU (for Windows).
For the most reliable (and supportable) version of PopTrayU go to this download page and download v5.0.15.

Do not use the latest version because there are significant interface and appearance differences.

If you have Thunderbird set up to run at boot time (in the Programs/Startup area) remove it from there so that it does not auto-start.
These instructions apply for Thunderbird v102.15.1 / 115.2.2
A setting in PopTray(U) will automatically place it in the Programs/Startup area without having to make a shortcut (or drag one) there.

A word about where PopTray(U) gets installed:
In XP and earlier: C:\Program Files\PopTray or
C:\Program Files\PopTrayU
In Win7 and later: C:\Program Files (x86)\PopTray or C:\Program Files (x86)\PopTrayU
In Linux/*NIX: ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/PopTray

These areas are where you will place the extensive downloaded Rules.ini file in future.

When you have installed PopTray(U) it will look (something) like this:

Yes, this is Win7, but with ClassicShell and Firefox set in modes as though it was Windows 2000
Note the height and width of the window, positioned so that information from the status bar of Firefox is visible. Also, the width of the From/To/etc. columns.

Now press Accounts and set up your first account (you can have many)

Fields. Name: just a name you make up yourself
Server: the server name given by your provider [typically pop.xxxx.com]
Login: the actual account name on the server [NOT your e-mail address]
Password: the password on the server
E-Mail Program: enter the path to your e-mail program [e.g. Thunderbird]
Sound: You can change from the default by setting a .wav file

Setting Options
Work your way through the next options and tick the boxes exactly as shown.

Paths for Windows 7 are shown here

Set a startup wait so that your network activity isn't too high as your machine boots

Set like this so you can easily minimise to the tray

Setting Rules
using PopTray(U) without rules is pretty meaningless, so let's show how to set some

You can have many, many rules and they are best subdivided into general themes. Just check that 'Enabled' is on and that 'Delete from server' is on.
It takes years to build a reliable set of rules and you won't find (m)any out there, except our very own Rules.ini. I've never used the Import Rules button. Just download Rules.ini into the directory where PopTray(U) is and then close and restart PopTray (new rules won't be used until a re-start anyway).

Rules.ini file last updated:Thursday, 06-Sep-2018 03:37:57 PDT Size: 1.0MB

So, e-mail comes in and PopTray(U) shows it in the tray. You can now delete anything that looks suspicious without opening it, so that when you do start Thunderbird with the 'Run E-Mail Client' button you won't get nasty surprises!

We'll deal with Thunderbird next

First set it so that the Main Menu bar and Mail toolbars can be seen (without using the silly 'hamburger' menu button).

Use Tools/Add-ons to get to this page. ONLY ADD by using the official Mozilla page.

You'll want to add some Extensions (page 1). You may want to omit Enigmail unless you can cope with setting up GNuPG for encryption.

.....more Extensions (page 2)

Use Tools/Account settings to go here

Then select Server Settings under that/each account

Finally, set the SMTP Server settings. If port no. 25 doesn't work, try port 587 (Verizon and some others use this for 'security')

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